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What are eSignatures?

The term esignatures can cover many different options, and is synonymous with phrases like electronic signatures, or digital signatures. They all cover any service or technology that allows you ... Read more

eSignature Legislation

While working with electronic signature pads, we are often asked about legality, and whether an electronic signature would stand up against its pen and paper counterpart in a court of law. To he... Read more

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Technical Support

ePad Software – What Does What?

We see quite a few queries regarding exactly what each piece of ePad software contains and/or does. To clear that up, here are some deeper descriptions of all of the software available on the Read more

IntegriSign FAQs

Q-Is it possible to remove the IntegriSign Desktop watermark that appears behind a signature object?

A-Yes. In the application ‘IntegriSign Desktop – Configuration’, one... Read more

Troubleshooting Your ePad-Ink

Today we’re looking at how to troubleshoot your ePad-Ink, and some of the common problems people face with the device. We’ll show you the common issues and show you how to troublesho... Read more

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