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IECEx Zone 1 PC Explosion Proof Technology

Now Approved! IECEx Zone 1 4093 PC - transferable and field maintainable explosion proof technology that enhances operator control through real-time data monitoring and machine control in hazardous environments. The 4093 features a 15" sunlight readable, anti-glare LCD display with 1027x768 resolution. Integrated with easy to use, impact resistant, multi-touch,… Read more

The latest in hazardous area viewing technology

Meet our cost effective, highly reliable monitor for hazardous area - a 15.6” Division 2 multi-touch monitor that enhances your process control. Engineered to meet Division 2/Zone 2 & IP66 standards, the 2123AA industrial monitor can be VESA mounted or configured as a stand-alone desktop making monitoring and controlling machine performance… Read more


  As the demand for ultraviolet light LED technology for disinfection, sanitation, purification and curing purposes continues to grow, American Bright has launched a UVC LED product line in a 3535 ceramic package with a quartz lens to fulfill market requirements in several applications.   UV light wavelength    … Read more

New Companies Added to Steadlands Family

Steadlands are pleased to announce two new partnerships which will extend our product range into automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solutions, and allow us to offer bespoke battery solution services. CipherLabs are world leaders in AIDC solutions, with access to a global network of experts, suppliers, and partners, giving… Read more

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Technical Support

Excel & IntegriSign (ePad)

The Basics When you install IntegriSign, it automatically includes a plug-in for Excel. This appears as a few icons in the Add-Ins menu. The first button is to insert a signature field, the second to begin your signature.   Inserting a signature field and starting the signing process will bring… Read more

SDK (Software Developers’ Kits) – What can They Do?

There is a small amount of confusion over which SDK is best suited for use with a particular product, or for a particular application. In this article, I will look at the various developers' kits that are available for our products, the programming languages they support, and what they are capable of.… Read more

Multiple Signatures in a Word Document (ePad)

In Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Excel, simply creating and signing multiple IntegriSign objects is enough to add multiple signatures to a document. The process is a little more complicated for Word. Adding Continuous Section Breaks: Switch to ‘Draft’ view in the lower right corner of Word. Place your cursor where… Read more

ePad Software – What Does What?

We see quite a few queries regarding exactly what each piece of ePad software contains and/or does. To clear that up, here are some deeper descriptions of all of the software available on the site. Universal Installer This is the driver package which allows all of the ePad models… Read more

IntegriSign – Capturing Cell Data From Excel

Behind every Excel spreadsheet and Word document is a programming interface – VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), a ‘light’ version of Visual Basic designed for constructing macros and functions to run within a document or spreadsheet. It is possible to use VBA to capture data from cells in an Excel… Read more

IntegriSign FAQs

Q-Is it possible to remove the IntegriSign Desktop watermark that appears behind a signature object? A-Yes. In the IntegriSign Desktop Configuration utility, simply uncheck the 'Logo' box. This will prevent the IntegriSign watermark from appearing behind the signature. Alternatively, this can be done on a case-by-case basis when using signer… Read more

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