Ohmite are a leading manufacturer of resistors and heatsinks. We have acted as their sales office in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East for many years now, although as a company, Ohmite has been going since 1925. We facilitate purchase orders from across our region, and ensure our customers receive the best possible service.

Ohmite has also developed a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly capability to help them support their customers. They specialise in low to mid volume, high mix, PCB assembly of through-hole and SMD components.

The growth of applications in medical monitoring, high-tolerance fuel gauges, and the detection of environmental contamination has driven Ohmite to great advances in their thick film range.

Click the button to visit the Ohmite website. You will find their complete product range, as well as useful tools such as an Ohm's Law Calculator, or an Energy Rating Calculator to help you work out exactly which Ohmite product will best suit you.

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