IntegriSign – Capturing Cell Data From Excel

Behind every Excel spreadsheet and Word document is a programming interface – VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), a ‘light’ version of Visual Basic designed for constructing macros and functions to run within a document or spreadsheet. It is possible to use VBA to capture data from cells in an Excel spreadsheet, and apply them as user data in an IntegriSign signature object.

The example given below captures data from cells A1-A8 and applies them in order to the 8 different variables possible in IntegriSign’s SetSignerDetailsEx function. This will happen when someone double clicks the signature object to begin the signing process.

Private Sub eSignControl1_DoubleClick()

Dim signername, dept, org, town, county, country, email, location As String

signername = Sheet1.Cells.Item(1, “A”).Value

dept = Sheet1.Cells.Item(2, “A”).Value

org = Sheet1.Cells.Item(3, “A”).Value

town = Sheet1.Cells.Item(4, “A”).Value

county = Sheet1.Cells.Item(5, “A”).Value

country = Sheet1.Cells.Item(6, “A”).Value

email = Sheet1.Cells.Item(7, “A”).Value

location = Sheet1.Cells.Item(8, “A”).Value

eSignControl1.SetSignerDetails signername, dept, org, town, county, country, email, location

End Sub