Daisy Data Displays are a US-based manufacturer of industrial keyboards, monitors, and complete PC systems, suitable for use in practically any kind of hazardous environment, ranging from a ‘clean room’ laboratory to dirty and greasy oil rigs.

Their hazardous ratings are all approved by NEMA or ATEX, or both, and their products have options to cover any eventuality. Each system has been constructed to comply with one or more ATEX or NEMA rating. In the Daisy Data product pages, you will see the range of industrial, or ruggedized, keyboards. Each of these products have been meticulously produced and tested, but even with all of the various options, they are but a tiny fraction of what is available from Daisy Data.

With the industrial computers and monitors that Daisy Data offers, the options are far too great to be listed. Instead, we would ask that, if you have a requirement for an industrial computer, you contact us to discuss the specifications, and we will arrange bespoke pricing, specific to your order, from Daisy Data Displays.

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