The word 'Tangio' comes from a combination of two other words, tangere, the Latin word for 'touch', and io, Italian for 'I'. So, Tangio means something along the lines of 'Touch Me', or 'I Touch', fitting for a company that specializes in pressure sensitive switches and resistors.

Tangio is the print electronics division of Sytek Enterprises, a world leader in force sensing solutions. They design and manufacture a wide range of custom and standard FSR (Force Sensing Resistors) solutions, ranging from single point FSRs, through to 3D multi-touch state-of-the-art sensors, as used in the Linnstrument.

The team help their customers move their printed component designs from drawing board, to prototype, production, and global distribution. Tangio have a history of working with innovative suppliers, and companies in new product development, which means they always have access to the latest and best materials.

Their design and engineering team consists of specialists in electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineering, plus designers, suppliers, and graphic artists, all of whom come together to bring your design to life.

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