IntegriSign FAQs

Q-Is it possible to remove the IntegriSign Desktop watermark that appears behind a signature object?

A-Yes. In the IntegriSign Desktop Configuration utility, simply uncheck the ‘Logo’ box. This will prevent the IntegriSign watermark from appearing behind the signature. Alternatively, this can be done on a case-by-case basis when using signer profiles. In this case, leave the box mentioned above checked, but when creating a signer profile, you can uncheck the logo box in that window instead. Then, whenever you use that particular profile, the logo will not appear.


Q-Can I use my own logo for a watermark?

A-Yes. In the application ‘IntegriSign Desktop – Configuration’, one of the options is to set the ‘Background Logo’. You can select the file you wish to use for the background there. When creating a new file to use for this background image, remember to resize the image so it is the same dimensions as your signature objects (default 110×180).


Q-During the signing process, exactly what biometric data is captured?

A-For each signature point, the x-axis position, the y-axis position, the pressure and the time is captured. Having the time captured allows IntegriSign to determine the velocity of a stylus during signing.


Q-How does content hashing work?

A-Hashing is the term used when signing a document to verify it has not been tampered with. When you sign a document, for all intents and purposes, the entire contents of that document is your Hashdata. When you later go and attempt to verify a signature in that signed document, the Hashdata is checked against the information stored in the signature data, and if the document contents have not changed, the signature will be verified.