ePad Software – What Does What?

We see quite a few queries regarding exactly what each piece of ePad software contains and/or does. To clear that up, here are some deeper descriptions of all of the software available on the ePadsupport.com site.

Universal Installer

This is the driver package which allows all of the ePad models to work under a Windows environment. It also contains control panel configuration utilities for each of the ePads, and the test utility that should be any first step in diagnosing problems with your ePad.

IntegriSign Desktop

This package contains plug-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat, as well as all of the various manuals for using the ePad and IntegriSign. This also contains the Software Developers Kit, complete with samples demonstrating several key programming languages and functions, and manuals which will give you all the information you will need to integrate the ePad into your own software.

pDoc Signer

This is a standalone application that does not require IntegriSign to work (although you do still need the ePad drivers installed). It will allow you to edit and complete PDF forms, and sign them using the ePad.

IntegriSign Emcee

This is a corporate application, designed for large numbers of users. It allows a user to create a Signing Ceremony, providing documents to be completed and signed by invited participants. Unlike the other solutions, Emcee does not require a signature pad. It is designed to take advantage of the larger definition of electronic signatures, and allow a signer to ‘sign’ by capturing user data.

Linux Drivers

Currently, ePadLink have drivers for Fedora and Ubuntu Linux. These are for versions 16-20 and 10.04-12 respectively. There are instructions on how to install these on the ePadsupport.com website.

ePad Vision Firmware

These are firmware updates for the ePad Vision device. There is only one online, and should only be required for older model ePad Visions manufactured before November 2011.