For over 80 years, Davies Molding has provided plastic molding services to a wide variety of industries. Their dedicated facility in Chicago houses 45 thermoset compression plastic molding machines, 5 thermoset injection plastic molding machines, and 24 thermoplastic injection plastic molding machines, all ranging in tonnage from 20 to 500 tons. Davies Molding specialise in insert compression molding, and insert injection molding, and they have secondary and finishing machines capable of drilling, tapping, set screw assembly, pad printing, hot stamping, branding, engraving, bagging, and sand blasting.

Today, Davies Molding is the world's largest manufacturer of plastic knobs and handles. They can be found in countless applications ranging from industrial machinery, lighting equipment, fitness and recreational equipment, medical and lab tools, food processing machinery, and much, much more.

Yet, even with supplying all of these different industries, Davies Molding also offers a bespoke plastic molding service. Their custom molding customers include companies in the oil and gas industry, as well as custom parts for the automotive, food service, lighting and electrical sectors.

Davies Molding offers over 600 different products, with a total of 9000+ variations in size, shape, colour, and molded-in metal threaded inserts, suitable for virtually any requirement. Families of parts include clamping, instrument, pointer, control, ball, lever, tapered, two point, soft touch, and two-shot.

As well as the knobs and controls, Davies Molding also offers a selection of cases and covers for the electrical, hardware, and mechanical industries. These enclosures, in addition to most of Davies Molding's product ranges, are available in phenolic materials, incorporating high heat, mark, and scratch resistances. Customers even have the option to order cases in an impact resistant ABS material.

To view the complete range of Davies Molding products, please follow the link to their website. Once you have decided which products you are interested in, please contact us on +44 1670 361261 for further information.

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