Arcol prefer to keep all of their processes under one roof, resulting in a dynamic hub operating out of South West England, which houses everything from design and purchasing, to manufacturing, production, and sales.

Having the entire process based under one roof means that communication is near instantaneous, and any problems can be tackled by the entire team, and not just part of it. This leads to Arcol’s understandable reputation as one of the best manufacturers of resistors around the world. They are ISO 9001 approved, and their entire range is fully RoHS compliant.

Click here to visit the Arcol website, where you will find their entire product catalogue, broken down into numerous categories to allow for easy searches. You will also discover that they have a number of tools on the site, designed to help you work out exactly which type and value of resistor you need. Just get back in touch with Steadlands once you know what you need, and we will arrange it for you.

Ohmite and Arcol, in association with electronics distributor TTI, released this video to celebrate Arcol joining the Ohmite team.

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