Ultra-Violet Lighting



As the demand for ultraviolet light LED technology for disinfection, sanitation, purification and curing purposes continues to grow, American Bright has launched a UVC LED product line in a 3535 ceramic package with a quartz lens to fulfill market requirements in several applications.


UV light wavelength



·     The UV wavelength period can be generally separated to UVA (310-400nm), UVB (280-310nm), and UVC (200-280nm).

·     UVA would be closest to the blue light and UVC is the furthest, which makes it invisible to human eye.


UVC LED Application


·     UVC: Surface sterilization, air/water sterilization, bacteria/virus disinfection


Water treatment



American Bright’s Offering


UVC 3535 LED Series
American Bright’s UVC LEDs can be widely applied on:

1. Water disinfection

2. Surface disinfection

3. Air disinfection

4. Medical devices

5. Phototherapy




1. 3535 Ceramic package

2. Quartz lens material

3. Wavelength: 270-280 nm

4. Wide option of power output from 1.5mW to 25mW


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Spec Sheet



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Spec Sheet


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Spec Sheet



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Spec Sheet

If you would like to know more about the 3535 series LEDs, click the links above to see their datasheets, or contact [email protected].