Paper-Lite NHS – How Can We Help?

paper-lite nhs

In this time of austerity, especially where the NHS are concerned, what can be done to help reduce costs? Aiming for a paper-lite NHS could be a good start.

With an esignature pad on their desk, and Diktamen installed on their PCs or mobiles, doctors will see an increase in their productivity, meaning they can deal with patients without having to constantly stop to type up notes, and without having to deal with printers for prescription slips.

Unsure what esignatures are? Find out here.

Instead, any notes the doctor wishes to make will be made verbally, with Diktamen whisking away their words to a transcription team who will type them up and apply them to the correct patient file; and any letter or prescription that needs to be signed can be dealt with electronically, allowing for faster communication between the doctors and the pharmacists, or the doctors and their patients, since letters and prescriptions can now be emailed to their final destination, instead of having to rely on the postal service, or sending out a member of staff in their car.

Learn more about Diktamen here.

Our esignature solutions could also be installed at the pharmacists, meaning that any prescriptions can now be created, sent, dispensed, and signed by both doctor and patient, all electronically. This completely cuts out printing costs, and increases the speed at which a prescription can be dispensed.

All of our esignature solutions are legally binding, capable of being held up as evidence in court. Click here to learn more about esignatures and their legality.

So not only would a paper-lite NHS make life easier for your doctors, and the pharmacists, but streamlining the care process will also mean your patients are happier and, we hope, healthier.

If you are still unsure if this is the right path for you to take, might I recommend you take a look at one of our other articles – The Paper-Lite Office? It goes into a bit more detail about why you should consider reducing your paper usage.