Electronic Signatures are as Legally Binding as Ink on Paper.

Electronic Signatures

Quite a few of the questions that I have been asked recently during meetings and product demonstrations have been around the legality of electronic signatures.

Electronic signature devices do not only record an image of the signature, this is just a drawing, you can do this on any tablet device and some touchscreen computers.

Electronic signatures carry encryption technology to lock in e-signatures to stop documents being tampered with after they have been signed. Some of the most up to date software will record the speed, pen angle and pressure of the signature which gives a biometric picture of the signature, only using the image as a small part. All E-Signature software that we provide will record the date, time and name of the person signing the document.

Software can also be written easily to go alongside any current systems you may have.

We carry all legislation for most countries around the world, and white-paper documents talking through the legality of an Electronic Signature.

E-Signature devices are inexpensive but they offer a high return on investment, think about how much money you currently spend on paper and storage/shredding of paper.

Imagine they could all be phased out?

How much could this save your company?

Using Electronic Signature devices also support green initiatives, making a difference to the environment is important.

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