DTU-1141B | Wacom | Interactive Display

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DTU-1141B Interactive Display

The DTU-1141B is the 1031x’s bigger brother. It has a slightly larger screen, at 10.6 inches, and can handle a resolution of up to 1920×1080 in full HD. The stylus used for the DTU-1141B is twice as sensitive as that used by the 1031x, allowing it to register 1024 levels of pressure, as opposed to the stylus for the DTU-1031x, which handles up to 512.

As well as these small advances, the DTU-1141B Interactive Display has programmable ‘Express Keys’ that allow you to configure some shortcut keys for ease of use, and the screen can rotate between portrait view, or landscape, allowing you and your customer unparalleled control over how a document is viewed.

Like the 1031X, it works by acting as a second monitor attached to your PC, controllable via your computers usual display settings. You can then use it to display anything a normal monitor could, with the bonus that it is far easier to manipulate and move around, giving your customers far easier access to view any documents you have drawn up. Coupled with Wacom’s patented esignature technology, it makes signing contracts and agreements extremely easy.


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