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The 6800 series of industrial keyboards can be configured for almost any environment or situation, which is why it includes 30 different variations. The case is made from a NEMA 4X rated stainless steel, and the elastomeric keyboard is impervious to many solvents. Together, these make the 6800 Series keyboards perfect for dirty environments where contaminants may slip into the keyboard, or sterile environments, where it is important for contaminants not to get into the environment. Good examples of these include the food industry, scientific laboratories, or the pharmaceutical industry.

So Many Options

Thirty variations sounds like a lot, and it is, which is why we are always happy to assist you in making sure the keyboard you choose is the one that is right for your needs. The questions you will need to consider:

Do you want to connect your 6800 Series keyboard to your computer by a PS/2 or USB connection?

Do you want your keyboard to be a standalone device, or would you like it to be mountable, either panel, or rack mounted?

Do you want your keyboard to have a built in pointing device, just as robust as the rest of the keyboard?

The 6800 Series of keyboards can be configured in several different ways, which is why we have not provided a price for them. The choices you have when ordering can be summed up into three categories – mounts, pointing devices, and safety features.

Mounts represents how you attach your Daisy Data keyboard to your systems and production lines, the options being standalone, rack mount, panel mount, or OEM, to allow you to install the keyboard into your own console.

You can also have the NEMA 4X rated TuffPoint pointing device built into the keyboard

The options you have to include safety features in your keyboard are to have it intrinsically safe, or non incendive. FM Approved non-incendive models provide hazardous area protection for Class I, II & III, Division 2, Group A-D, F&G or FM Approved intrinsically safe models provide hazardous area protection for Class I, II & III, Division 1 & 2, Group C-G.

Other options:

  • Sealed Lemo™ connector maintains NEMA rating when plugged and unplugged.
  • Video/Keyboard/Mouse Extender Systems give you the ability to locate your desktop PC up to 33,000 feet away from the monitor and input devices.

All of these options are available, and can be mixed and matched depending on your requirements. If you are having problems deciding which 6800 Series keyboard will best suit your needs, give us a call to discuss it, on +44 1670 361261, and ask for Jimmy.

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Standalone, Rack-mount, Panel mount, OEM


Desktop, Intrinsically Safe, Non-Incendive

Pointing Device

None, MicroJoystick, TuffPoint