Technical Support

Creating a Signing Profile in IntegriSign for Regular Signers

If you are someone who will be signing documents regularly, you may wish to consider creating a profile. This will make your name (or profile ID) appear automatically in the Signature Information window, and allow you to have more details stored in the signature object; for example, organisation and department, email address. To create a profile, follow these instructions.

Go to Start > All Programs > IntegriSign Desktop > Desktop > Preferences Manager. The following window appears.

Create an IS Profile 1

Click ‘Create’ and fill in the required details. Click ‘OK’.

Create an IS Profile 2

Once your profile is created, you can select what colour your signature appears in when you sign a document, and what additional information is shown as a label on the signature object (ie. Date/Time/Signer Name). When you have finished in the Preferences Manager, click ‘Save’ to finalise your profile.

Now, when you go to sign a document or spreadsheet, this is what the Signature Information window will look like this.

Create an IS Profile 3

The name in the box can easily be overwritten without deleting the existing profile, if someone other than the named person wishes to use the same PC to sign a document.

If you sign a document with a completed profile, then verify the signature, you will be able to see additional details for the signer in the verification window.

Create an IS Profile 4

Signing Certificates in SignPro

Once a year, SignPro will present you with an error. This is nothing to do with any problems with the application, but rather a natural expiry date on signing certificates. It is nothing to worry about, and is very simple to fix. Just follow these simple instructions.

Go to the directory: C:\Users\[your login name]\AppData\Roaming\Wacom\signpro

Delete all the files inside this directory.

Close SignPro and restart it – it should now prompt you to create a new key.

Once this is done, you should see the error disappear for another year.

Caring for your ePads

ePads are very durable and will last for many years. Proper care and maintenance, however, will better guarantee the reliability and performance of your ePads over their lifetime.

The only periodic maintenance your ePadLink signature pad requires is to keep it clean. A dirty pad surface may interfere with moving your stylus smoothly across the surface and can make it hard to capture thumb- and fingerprints.

ePad Ink

Users should be aware that they should just sign normally, with firm stylus pressure. Never use any object (such as a pen) to perform signing, always use the provided stylus.

-Never leave ePads exposed to the sun for long periods of time. If you keep a pad locked in a car on a hot day, leave a window cracked to help with ventilation and keep the pad in a carrying case or shaded area of the vehicle.
-Keep the ePad surface away from other objects – such as the USB connector. Do not allow objects to press against the signature pad area when storing or transporting the device.

To clean the pad, follow these guidelines:
-Use any mild liquid household cleaner or rubbing alcohol.
-Apply a small amount of cleaner to a soft, non-abrasive cloth and wipe the pad or sensor.
-Be sure to wipe all cleaner residue from the device.
-Allow the alcohol to evaporate normally.

-Do NOT pour cleaner or alcohol directly onto the device. Apply the cleaner to a soft cloth first.
-NEVER use De-Natured Alcohol. This will damage the device.
-PREVENT any liquid from entering inside the unit.
-Be careful to not scratch the fingerprint sensor surface.