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Dedicated to being a solutions provider for almost 2 decades, American Bright takes the guess work out of LED custom assembly projects with our strong engineer expertise.


We specialize in infrared modules, LED-related PCB assemblies, AC/DC modules, flexible rope light and customized light strips.


We can provide an efficient, hassle-free and cost effective solution that is specific in size, shape and illumination to fit any application perfectly.


Custom Assembly



Custom Application#1

Commercial building lighting

Flexible DC light strips with customized length and color are applied in interior lighting design.


Custom Application#2

Gaming industry

Custom light strips with specified RGB/IC LEDs and circuits are applied in gambling slot machines.


Custom Application#3

Commercial back lighting display

Custom DC boards with specified size, LEDs, and brightness, are applied in back lighting display in this washer and dryer display.


Custom Application#4

Well-Diffused vehicle light bar

Designed a dual-layer circuit within an extremely thin PCBA (0.4mm) as well as the dual color (green and red) tunable under a budgetary driving current.


Custom Application#5

Flexible Horticultural light

Customize the recipe for horticultural lighting applications with specified spectrum and the required PPF.


Custom Application#6

Motor Assembly

American Bright can not only offer infrared LEDs but we can provide the whole assembly service integrating the components with a motor and adding wires and a connector.


Custom Application#7

UVC LED Light Board

We can apply our or any brand’s UVC LED with compliant materials to assemble a UVC module per customers’ requirements.



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Questions to ask when designing a custom AC or DC lighting assembly


·     What is the Brightness?

·     What is the Color Temperature?

·     Is it AC or DC – What voltage?

·     Do they want a specific LED (Nichia or Lumiled)? What color?

·     What is the Quantity?

·     What is the Application?

·     Where and How it the module going to be mounted?

·     Do they need it to be IP rated? What rating?

·     What are the dimensions? Is it Linear or Round?

·     Do they need a Cover lens? What type of material?

·     Do they need wires or connectors?

·     What is the Target Price? 


It is always helpful and will speed up the design process and quoting if you can obtain the following:

–       Gerber files

–       BOM

–       Schematics diagrams

–       3D Drawings