Technological Fusion

Tangio continues to lead on the cutting edge of Force Sensing Resistor technology with their latest product, Fuzion, which combines the different methods of force sensing.

Force sensing resistor technology comes in two variations. Resistive FSRs use a conductive layer in the sensor itself, which requires pressure to be applied. The more pressure applied to the sensor, the lower the resistance. The majority of typical force sensing resistors are of the resistive type.

The other version of force sensing technology is one often seen in technology like smartphones. A capacitive FSR works by detecting electrical currents, and basing the resistance on the current detected. This even works with the minute electrical signals running through your body, and doesn’t even require touch, only proximity.

Fuzion combines both of these into a single unit, allowing for unprecedented control over activation. In the demo video below, you can see how the sensor detects not only pressure applied (green lights), but also when a user’s finger approaches the device (orange lights).

Fuzion was created so it only needs one sensor which is capable of handling both methods of detection, and only one interface, saving you both time and money in the supply chain.