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The STU 430 signature pad is ideal for customer facing applications where the customer is expected to complete a form, or questionnaire. The LCD screen is quite capable of being programmed to allow it to display questions and offer multiple choice answers, and the SDKs give unparalleled control over how your whole process is put together. With them, you can either integrate the STU 430 into your already existing processes, or you can create an entirely new system for signature capture. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box solution, then we can also provide licenses for SignPro PDF, a piece of software that allows you to create PDF documents, and provides a standalone application which allows you to sign them.

Go Paperless with the STU 430

The STU 430 is an esignature solution which not only permits signature capture, but also promotes a paperless office. You may not be able to go entirely paperless, due to customers needing receipts, or letters to be posted, but a solution like ours will allow you to seriously cut down on the paper used in your workplace. All those forms your customers complete, and all the paperwork they sign; this can all now be done electronically and, apart from the customer copy, can all be stored electronically too. This will even cut down on your postage costs, as there will be no more ferrying documents between offices.

The STU 430 comes with access to two software developers kits, as well as numerous samples to demonstrate capability and code. These can be easily used by a software engineer to add functionality for the STU 430 into your own software.

Click here to view the STU 430 Datasheet on the Wacom website

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