DTU-1031AX | Wacom | Interactive Displays

£330.00 £396.00 (Including VAT)



With its 10.1” color LCD screen, the Wacom DTU-1031AX is the economical pen display solution for corporate or institutional customers who require a compact device for managing full-size documents electronically.

Operating as a pen-enabled LCD display, its small footprint and single USB cable enable easy integration into standard IT infrastructure elements, such as POS systems.

The DTU-1031AX is easy to integrate into kiosk or POS environments with minimal effort and clutter. It’s also comfortable and intuitive for people to use in hand, or lying flat on a counter.

In addition, when not in document mode, the DTU-1031AX can display slideshows or advertising videos. This helps organizations run promotions and up-sell with minimum effort and cost.