One of the earliest partnerships fashioned by Steadlands was with Daisy Data Displays, a US-based company specialising in industrial computing for hazardous environments. In conjunction with Daisy Data, we can offer a range of fully customizable PCs, monitors, and keyboards, suitable for practically any location. We also offer Daisy Data’s purge control units, and complete MIL-STD range of products.

Their computers are available in either a hardened standalone format, or in a toughened panel mount option which will allow you to integrate the entire system into a warehouse, or a production or manufacturing line.

The keyboards are available with membrane or elastomeric keys, as well as an optional built-in pointing device, designed to be just as rugged as the rest of the keyboard.

The monitors are standard displays, again in ruggedized steel casing, and can be either a simple monitor, or with a touchscreen upgrade, can be used as a complete computer interface without the need for a separate keyboard or mouse.

All of Daisy Data’s products are FM approved, and meet international safety standards with ATEX certification, and NEMA ratings.

Click here to view Daisy Data’s keyboards. For the monitor and PCs though, there are simply too many options to be entirely listed on a web page, so take a look at the Daisy Data website to decide which models interest you, give us a ring, discuss your requirements with us, and we will help you decide which model and options will suit you best.

What about software?

Diktamen is a company which produces specialised software for digital dictation and transcription, aimed primarily at the medical industry. Their software, also called Diktamen, is currently seeing use with over 14,000 medical professionals, across 200 organisations in Europe, and has recently been introduced into the UK healthcare market, with Steadlands as their sole distributor.

Click here to visit the Diktamen website to discover more about the company, and their products. Once you would like to know more about Diktamen and it’s benefits, please contact us here at Steadlands. we’ll be happy to arrange a demonstration for you.