Thermoelectric Cooler Technology

Thermoelectric Cooler and Thermo Generating Module technology is based on two principles, the Seebeck effect, and the Peltier effect. The first of these shows how we can use a temperature differential to create an electrical charge, and the second, how we can use an electrical charge to create a temperature differential.

When heat is applied to one of the conductors or semiconductors, this creates a flow of heated electrons towards the colder side. This in turn generates a tiny electrical charge, in the microvolts range per kelvin of temperature difference. Connecting devices using this Seebeck principle allows you to maximise the voltage by connecting the devices in series, or to increase the current by placing the devices in parallel with each other.

On the other side of the equation, if you were to instead apply an electrical current through a junction between two conductors, you would also see a transfer of heat passed to the cooler of the components. A typical heat pump using peltier technology uses several junctions in series, some of which gain heat, and others which lose heat as a current is applied.

You will find thermoelectric cooler technology in many places where temperature has to be controlled, from refrigeration units, all the way up to satellites. When used in satellite technology, TECs are used to help maintain a temperature suitable for the satellite’s internal components to still function.

Back down on Earth, thermoelectric coolers are used to help regulate temperatures in refrigeration units, such as those used to carry frozen goods from country to country, or even the freezer rooms in the back of restaurants. In this instance, it is especially important that the TEC’s output temperature is well regulated, as this could determine if the item using the thermoelectric cooler is compliant with a number of food safety standards including ISO9000, and HACCP.

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