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Force Sensing Resistors were invented in 1977 by Franklin Eventoff, the man that went on to found Interlink Electronics. They are literally the world leaders in FSR technology, and our partner in distributing these in the UK and Europe. Force Sensing Resistors are comprised of a conductive polymer which changes resistance depending on pressure applied, with the more pressure applied, the lower the resistance value.

Force Sensing Resistors for all functions

Force Sensing Resistors are useful in any industry that needs to measure a pressure reading, from checking the liquid content of water storage tanks, through to floor mats designed to assist in teaching injured and disabled people how to walk again. They are even used to measure minor muscle movements to allow for a more natural control over prosthetic limbs.

The FSR400 is the smallest force sensing resistor available, with a sensing surface diameter of just 0.2 inches. They have the option of having a short tail, or a longer one which allows you to have the pressure sensitive part further away from the solder tabs used to connect the FSR to a circuit. These are best suited to limited space requirements, as keypad buttons on phones, for example. The tail is 30mm long.

Actuation Range ~0.2N min.
Force Sensitivity Range ~0.2N – 20N
Non-Actuated Resistance >10 Mohms
Operating Temperature -40º – 85ºC
Lifetime >10 million actuations

Force Sensing Resistors are available in packs of ten, and the pricing provided here reflects that.

For larger quantity orders, or shipping outside of the UK, please contact Steadlands on +44 1670 361261 for further details.


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