American Bright – Your Ideal LED Solution Provider

Established in California in 1995, American Bright are one of the leading suppliers of LED products in the North American Market.

Whether it’s for standard or custom products, American Bright Optoelectronics provide total solutions, thanks to their complete manufacturing line. Everything they need, all the components that make up their products, are all produced in-house, utilizing seven facilities in China to control the entire manufacturing process, end-to-end.


EzyLED – LED Chip with Built in IC, reduces circuitry and eliminates the need for on-board IC’s and other passive components.


Horticultural Lighting – 1st to market with an efficient indoor and outdoor IP67  weatherproof, flexible, horticultural lighting solution.


Through-Hole – Ultra-Bright LEDs designed to function in all environments. Colour offerings include: AllnGaP super orange, super red, super yellow, green and InGaN blue.


Cross-Referencing – If you are concerned about lead times or product quality, we would be happy to cross-reference any current products to their American Bright counterpart and provide pricing and lead times.


American Bright also offer; SMTPLCC and IR products as well as AC & DC Lighting Modules, Flexible Lighting and E-Paper systems.
Key Customers are:
Boeing, Dell, Microsoft, Samsung.