Arrowing In On LoRa Technology

The latest company to join the Steadlands portfolio, Raltron, has recently launched a design kit, allowing technicians and manufacturers everywhere to experiment with their components and antennae developed for LoRa (Long Range Communications).

Raltron Electronics, long an expert in the field of frequency management tools and techniques, brought out the LoRa Design Kit to allow prospective manufacturers to examine the various components that they offer and give them a trial run. The kit consists of a number of crystals set to 32.000 MHz, some TCXO crystals (temperature compensated crystal oscillators) set to operate at a few different frequencies, ceramic filters set to standard US and Europe frequencies, SAW filters (Surface Acoustic Wave filters) set to standard US, Europe, and Asia frequencies, and antennae set for the same.

The kit is available from for under $100.

You can view the datasheet for the LoRa Design Kit here.